Public Deliverables

Deliverable No. Deliverable name Abstract Delivery Date (project month)
D1.1Requirements and Use Case DefinitionAbstract9
D1.2Concept and Evaluation Framework - first versionAbstract12
D1.3Concept and Evaluation Framework - final versionAbstract18
D2.1Access and Privacy Control Architecture and ModelsAbstract12
D2.2Data Platform and Architecture and ModelsAbstract19
D2.3Network and Interconnect Platform - ver. 1Abstract19
D2.5Access and Privacy Control Platform19
D2.7Data Platform19
D2.8Network and Interconnect Platform - ver. 231
D3.2Security and Privacy Awareness - ver. 1Abstract20
D3.4Security and Privacy Awareness - ver. 229
D5.1Roadmap for communication, dissemination, standardization activitiesAbstract2
D5.2Setup of communcation and dissemination mediaAbstract4
D5.41st Report and updated plan for communcation, clustering, disseminationAbstract18
D5.62nd Report and updated plan for communcation, clustering, dissemination36
D6.2Data management implementation report36
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